Apr 20, 2014 at 3:00 AM
Sooooo... I picked up a DreamCheekyLED (aka WebMail Notifier) from ThinkGeek, on sale for $4.99. For that price, I had them send me a few.

I want to use one to display build information from my Jenkins build server at work... slowly fade in & out blue when the build is running... turn green if the build is successful, yellow if it's unstable, turn red and blink out SOS in Morse Code (just for fun) when the build fails. But I have a small problem... the build server sits in a server room. My workstation is not in said server room...

So I decided a fun solution would be to create a self-hosted web service that runs on my machine and allows control of the LED remotely. I'll share it all when it's done.

Although I may start with forking the client application for the BlinkStick and add support for the DreamCheekyLED to it... I just bought a BlinkStick as well but I haven't taken the time to put it together yet.

Another idea would be to fork the blink(1) code and add webmail notifier support to THAT. The blink(1) guys have an IFTTT channel in place... oh, the possbilities...